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  • How to setup my project to use LINQ 2 CRM

Download Linq2CRM and SilverCrmSoap dlls from the download tab

Add references to this libraries in your project.

  • How to debug Silverlight application that using LINQ 2 CRM

For this purpose there is DebugContext object in DomainObjectContext class.

To get thing working you have to implement IContext:

public class DebugContext : IContext
        public string OrganizationName
            get { return "YourOrganizationName"; }
            set { }

        public string ServerUrl
            get { return "http://serverurl/"; }
            set { }

And instantiate this class during before the first call to LINQ to CRM(on App.Startup event handler for example):


                DomainObjectContext.DebugContext = new DebugContext();


Make sure that DebugContext is set only for debug. In release when you deploy app in CRM, DebugContext should be null so that it will be taken from CRM dynamically.

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